What to Look for in a Marriage Retreat

What to Look for in a Marriage Retreat

Couples choose to attend marriage retreats for a wide variety of reasons. One or both partners may be committing acts of infidelity, they may be experiencing frequent fights, or both members of the couple may simply agree that it’s time to find a way to restore some of the intimacy that is currently lacking from their relationship.

Regardless of why couples choose to attend a retreat, it’s important that they do some research so that they can ensure that the one they choose will be a good fit. Read on to find out how to get started.

Focus on Teaching Relationship Skills

The benefits of attending a marriage retreat are intended to extend far beyond the retreat itself. That’s why it’s important to find a retreat whose dedicated counselors have experience teaching their clients about useful skills that they can take home with them. These skills should include conflict resolution, anger management, effective communication, and fostering trust both at the retreat itself and after the couples return home.

Surroundings Conducive to Healing

One of the many reasons that couples choose to attend dedicated marriage retreats instead of weekly counseling is that it gives them the opportunity to focus exclusively on any problems they may have in their relationships. Finding a retreat that is hosted in an area that is conducive to personal healing helps to foster feelings of increased intimacy and commitment. Plus, participants often have free time in which to enjoy nearby attractions, which is much more fun when the area has a lot to offer in terms of dining, shopping, outdoor adventures, and amenities.

Private Attention

Some marriage retreats feature group sessions, while others focus exclusively on the couple participating in the retreat. Most couples prefer the latter, as they tend to benefit more from personalized sessions with a counselor than larger group sessions, which won’t be tailored to their unique concerns.

Do Some Research

Not all couples retreats are created equal, so it’s important to do some research prior to choosing which one to attend. Check out some relationship rescue academy reviews and additional information about the retreat’s schedule and amenities to learn about one highly-acclaimed private couples retreat that appeals to a wide variety of married couples to get started.

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